Hello, I’m Sara. I’m a writer and editor, a foodie, an exercise junkie (I have broken my treadmill twice in less than a year just because I run so much), and a lover of the outdoors.

As I start this blog, I live in the suburbs of Chicago and work in a corporate job editing magazines. My suburban neighbors are about 40 years older than I am and their idea of fun is a) lawn mowing b) leaf blowing or c) wheeling their garbage and recycling bins to the street for pickup and back.

Now for the good part: I have a wonderful husband, stable finances, a loving family, a reliable Camry, and an adorable (rented) bungalow.

In all respects, I’ve got it pretty good. Certainly better than most. And it would be so easy to stop right there and go on checking off the boxes—homeownership, children, buying a minivan, etc. etc. It’s the American Dream, after all.

But I wasn’t satisfied with that, and it gave me ennui day in and day out. So when my husband learned he could work remotely, we decided to up and move to Portland, Oregon.

Why Portland? Well, I can tell you why everyone else in the country is moving to Portland: Outdoor experiences; great food, coffee, and beer; like-minded creative Millennials; no real winters or lengthy highway commutes; rose garden. The list goes on.

But the real question is, I think, why not Portland? Why not go out on a limb and pursue my dream of living in another state when I have this opportunity? When I announced my leaving to my coworkers, I received so many variations on the response, “That’s the dream! Wow! Good for you! I wish I could do that!” If everyone is dreaming of making such a big change, but nobody does it, and I do—well, I can consider the next months of my life a success.

I realize I’m coming at this from an entitled perspective. After all, I’ll be unemployed in Portland for an undefined period of time. I’m relying on my husband and family for financial support. I don’t have children and don’t have to worry about taking care of them in a new state.

Basically, I’m incredibly lucky to have this opportunity. So I’d like to share it with you, dear reader(s) (I don’t know if anyone will ever actually read this).

Here you’ll find my thoughts and photos on my new life in Portland. I hope you’ll enjoy experiencing it with me.