It’s certainly been an interesting month, though things are quieting down now.

Here’s what I’ve been up to:

  1. Made a brief trip back to Chicago for a wedding. Jumped in Lake Michigan, of course.
  2. Went on a great wildflower hike about 2.5 hours south of Portland. Never seen so many wildflowers.
  3. Celebrated the 4th. Fireworks are legal in Oregon. We took advantage of that.
  4. Ran a marathon. Yes, I did it. I ran the Missoula Marathon. It was really difficult, my stomach rebelled against me, and they even shortened the span you had to complete the race because of the intense heat (100+ degree days)—thankfully, I finished before that point. I’m not sure what to do with myself after psyching myself up about the marathon for so long. Triathlon? I might need some help with the swimming portion.
  5. Visited a ghost town. This might have been my favorite part of the trip to Montana. I could have spent the whole day in the ghost town. Love the false-front buildings, the history of westward expansion, the remote setting…
  6. Visited Glacier National Park post-marathon. Very crowded. Very beautiful. We made friends with some marmots (Western groundhogs, essentially); I fell down a hill (I survived); we saw a glacier that will be gone in 13 years (and yet our President is a climate change denier…every day this makes me sadder); and we did some intense hiking.
  7. Got sick. See: marathon and Glacier National Park. I would be the person to do the 13-mile hike when I should have been in bed. When I got back from the trip and talked to my boss over the phone, he heard how congested I was and sent me home…
  8. Biked to work. Biking to work changes lives, if your town has the infrastructure for it. Not only do I get to enjoy river views every day on my commute—not to mention sightings of various birds of prey overhead as a result of a nearby bird sanctuary—but my legs have never looked better. Even when I got my bike tire stuck in the MAX tracks and ripped up my side/permanently effed up my finger, I still bike to work. Just do it!
Views from the wildflower hike (the flowers don’t show up well on-camera)
Fireworks off the Sellwood Bridge
Marathon starting line at sunrise in the middle of nowhere.
Garnet Ghost Town
That false front though
I cooked for the family during the trip to Glacier
More views
Even more views with fluffy flowers


This will be gone in my lifetime.
Yeah, that’s me…so glad to be done with the torture.