I was up at 4:30 this morning researching Airbnbs in San Diego, which is a good indication of how this week is going.

I’ve been sick for two weeks straight. Some of it is cold and some is allergies. Apparently the Willamette Valley has some of the highest grass pollen levels in the world. Who knew?

I was excited for this week at the beginning of it, but just keeping my eyes open has been such a struggle that it wasn’t half as nice as I was expecting and I felt bad for all the people I encountered because I was clearly out of it.

This week I started volunteering at the Mount St. Helens Institute in Washington. It is everything to me to have somewhere to go a couple days a week. I have also made a bang-up first impression by a) arriving 20 minutes late my first day because Google gave me an erroneous address and b) arriving in the midst of an allergy attack on my third day, complete with red eyes and sniffling (see: grass pollen). My boss thinks I am insane.

This weekend looks (gasp!) rainless, so I’m going to try to go on the hike I postponed last weekend because I was sick in bed.

Dear Pacific Northwest…is it summer yet?!?!