After building up that 10-hour San Francisco drive in my mind to a feat of epic proportions, everything else sort of pales in comparison. Now imagine what will happen if I land a real live job after building that up in my mind for more than half a year. Ha. Ha.

I did manage to organize one interesting excursion during the past couple of weeks. I went whale watching! How incredible is it that I can drive two hours to the coast on a blustery March day and see whales?

The day dawned inauspiciously enough, but when my husband and I arrived at Carrie’s Whale Watching in Depoe Bay, things started to deteriorate. It was the first day of the whale watching season and the staff at the tour company could not have been more disorganized. First we waited at least an hour past the time the tour was supposed to have started to get going. Then one of the whale watching boats broke, prompting a standoff as a staff member urged those waiting to forgo their spots on the boat.

After that, the Hunger Games ensued! Every woman for herself!

Just kidding. Some kind people gave up their spots. I wasn’t one of them.

Once we were finally out on the water, I enjoyed myself immensely. First of all, I love the ocean, and I love barreling through the waves in a small boat, even if it is cold and windy and gray. Miraculously, my husband managed to spot some whale spouts (spray the whales breathe out when they surface), and we motored over to them. Whales everywhere.

All our time stuck in the Whale Museum (where the tours began) gave us plenty of opportunity to learn some Whale Facts™. Whale Fact #1: The whales we saw were migrating all the way from Baja California to Alaska for the summer, where they feed. Whale Fact #2: There are also some “lazy whales” who don’t feel like making that very long journey, so they come up from Mexico and spend the summer in Oregon instead, eating little shrimp, before they head down to Mexico again. Those you can see in Oregon all summer long, and the researchers have named them and studied them.

Now I’m off and searching for more weekend activities again, but it appears it is snowing in the mountains even in April, so when it comes to hikes I’m still SOL.

My nature photography is horrific, but look closely and you can see a couple of whales.